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A record of a novice container gardener. What started out as simple science project to pass the time and evolved into an investigation into growing your own produce. All being well, I will try and add more details. So watch this space.

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This is a record of my experience of container gardening. I don't profess to be an expert, so this wiki records my efforts, the many things that I have learned, and hopefully will share with others what I have encountered. Some of it may be useful, some may need revision. All being well, over time, this will grow and become a resource for fellow garderners. Enjoy!

The seeds of an idea

Beans and peas

lettuce and cabbages


Aubergine Analogue Study




Bells and chillies mystery chilli


cauliflower( all year around)

Other random things planted

Container garden 2011

Pests and problems

Random Asides

Buttenut squash

Radish experiment

Turnip Snowball


on the patch

Jamies Onion Crate Shallots

Overwintering onions

Planting schedule Acknowledgment Courgette pods, flowers and produce

Getting things done.

Flowers and things

cucumbers-marketmore Summer of discontent

wet, wet, wet

one year on

Autumn term Allotment
plans and ideas Mushrooms
Aqua dolce beans Bruno babies

Growing season 2012: things to be done-watch this space!

Peas and beans

Beetroot Radishes Curcurbits-courgettes, marrows and pumpkins
Lettuces Turnips
Swedes Spinach and chard Cabbages
Parsnips 2012 Tomato Experiment Pest control: hoops and nets
Spring bulbs Raspberry-malling jewel Raspberry-the other one!
Kiwi Apple, pear and plum trees Herbs and things
Wormery action What lurkes in the wendy house? Heritage Seed library Stuff