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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 9 April 2012

With April, come the showers.

With April, come the showers.

With the country in the throes of a drought, you’d think that April showers were something of a God send. Finally, the arid earth of the hobbitland allotment would be quenched. The easter weekend passed with the lotment being left to it’s own devices; I was elsewhere, but it was most definitely at the fore of mind. The plan had been to use Easter Monday to sink potatos. Alas, the April showers suggested other things ought to be done.

It was grim this morning, when the curtains were twitched. The heavens had opened, there was a lot of precipitation. We were being rained upon, from a great height. The precipitation had put paid to the potatos. Sat with their chits a-twitching are the Maris Pipers from the tattiema…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 5 February 2012

Surviving the Siberian beast from the east

Well, it is nearly half term, and I've not really had much opportunity to go play. There have been a couple of hours here and there, when I have been along and shuffled around. Last weekend, I did go and dig over what will be the pumpkin patch after having gone to the Ryton 'tato day. I naively ignored the advice to stretch before I started to dig, and boy did I feel it later. This had been on my mind for some time, and I still have to add the FYM that is sat next to the water butt. Job for Half term that. There is long list of things I want to do. I have also cannibalised the struts from the wendy house that fell down last year, and they will be forming the basis of the supports for the legumes in addition to bamboo canes. I plan to str…
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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 1 January 2012

The first three months, and so it was Christmas

  • 1 Getting the plot:
    • 1.1 The effort, the time.
  • 2 Getting the family down there:
  • 3 Valuable lessons learned:
    • 3.1 Mushrooms:
    • 3.2 Gladys, Kevin and Bruno:

Getting a plot on an allotment is a both exciting and nerve wracking experience. There is so much more than can be actualised, in comparison to using Pop’s backgarden with plastic pots. With Early September,came 88 metres squared of allotment at the local site. The very last site, the patch of which I have half was covered in weeds. Thankfully, in some respects, the weeds had been treated. So all that remained to be done was clearing and digging it over. This was something of a mean feat. With the help of Ma and Grandad Mike, the site was cleared. There was so much to do, it felt altogether intimidating…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 24 September 2011

Autumn and allotment

With autumn, comes an allotment

The Gods of Horticulture in tandem with Saint Fiacre, have come good. One has a patch of hobbitland to call one’s own. About a week ago, I got that call from the allotment secretary. The half plot was mine, if I still wanted it.

And I did!

Eight by eleven metres, the half plot was over run. Not nearly as bad however, as the other plots that I had a choice from. There were two others, where the weeds were twice my height. Perhaps not then, the best to tackle. My plot, is the last but one. And at half the expected price due to just how neglected it was. I was fortunate, in that the ‘llotment secretary was one of the previous owners, and had also sprayed weedkiller that created a carpet of dead grass. Beneath it,…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 29 August 2011

Schools out Part three

  • 1 Lettuce
  • 2 Cabbage
  • 3 Gladys the BNS
  • 4 Bruno the ghostrider pumpkin
  • 5 Radish experiment
  • 6 Courgettes
  • 7 Allotment update

The butterhead lettuce appear to be doing well, having been transplanted out. The two that in the terracotta pot, do however appear to be doing much better than there family members in the grow bag. Two were sown in the clay pot as I had read somewhere that lettuce were shallow rooted. The pot seemed idea. Transplanting into the grow bag, was better than just leaving the earth bare and not having anything. The leaves of the terracotta lettuce are lolling around drunk, quite long really. What I am concerned about is, whether or not these things will head up and form proper lettuce. I did sneakily, pinch a small leaf. There was a pleasan…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 8 August 2011

Schools out part two

Why is that as soon as the end of term bell goes, one’s immune system crashes through the floor? The summer holidays are mean to be a time for rest and recuperation. It has however been rather busy and time has been snatched her and there. At the half way point of the summer holidays, we have seen erratic weather that still cannot make it’s mind up. There are days of fine sunshine, at times uncomfortable sunshine, followed by days of abject miserable weather where it doesn’t stop raining. I cannot remember a straight forwards summer where it did one or the other.

Gladys the BNS is increasingly more triffidlike. She is now about five foot tall as she is grow up rather than out. Previously, there had been three fruits, all of which had failed…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 21 July 2011

Schools out part one

Sparse mini green house

The mini green house is awfully sparse. A recent acquisition, it currently contains lettuce, cabbage, all year round caulis and the mystery chilli plant. It is perhaps not situated in the best position, but it’s not doing too bad. Will have to plant out lettuce and cabbage as soon as possible.

Chillies undercover

These are being kept undercover as we keep getting lots of rain. I am yet to nail the art of growing chillies. There are leaves and flowers underneath, and may be a few baby chillies.

Have for next year gathered:

Early jalepeno, pretty in purple

Really want Nigel’s outdoor chilli

Bruno Babies

There are two babies, and I have spotted a third today. The boy flowers have yet to flower so I am bit confused really as t…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 15 July 2011

End of Summer term report

There have been Fruitful Beans, tender green and scarlet emperor, as well as courgettes. Beans are harvested on a regular basis. It does however take a while to produce enough for a family sized dish. With the tendergreen, the more frequently you harvest, the more there is produced by the way of replenishment. It is safe to say, that beans are not found of too much heat. They seem to go all sulky when it is too hot.

==Dead aubergine and dead peas == What a drama with the moody aubergine! All seemed to be well. Was producing flowers, leaves were lovely and green. Then wham! Shrivelled up, went yellow. Had thought that the warm weather would do it good, since they do like the warm apparently. But nothing. Kevin the Aubergine, ceased to exist a…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 15 July 2011

Summer sights early July

  • 1 Summer Sights Early July[1]Edit
  • 2 Moody Aubergine[8]Edit
  • 3 Triffid like Butternut Squash sits alongside Ghost rider pumpkin. [10]Edit
  • 4 Standing on the touch line, to sow or not to sow:[15]Edit
  • 5 Problems and pests:[16]Edit

Everything was where it should be, and things were starting to look pretty. Plants were and are flowering, filled with a promising potential harvest. Scarlet emperor beans have started to cascade with reddy orange flowers from the bottom upwards. Lessons from last year have been learned, the use of seven foot long canes means that a nice wigwam of leaves and flowers is really quite pretty. Baby beans are now being harvested every few days, and the smell as they are cut up is really quite nice.


Add a photo to thi…

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Horticultural hobbit Horticultural hobbit 29 May 2011

Placing the seed into the pot

Having pottered around for the last three years and bumbling around; this would be the debut Horticultural Hobbit blog. So this is very much about getting the show on the road, what with all the accrued knowledge and what is to come.

I transfered today, this years cohort of chillies into larger plants. So that is everything that I have grown from seed, now in it's summer position and place. And then I stood there, and thought about what I sew or plant next. I was reassured, that I should wait. See what takes off, and what doesn't, before I got ahead of myself.

Fair point, it is meant to be summer after all. Things should be cooking, and we should at the end of it, get some lovely, home grown goodies. That does not however, stop me from havin…

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