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Aubergine flowering

Given how in 2011, the aubergine was a bit of a miserable and moody thing. This is proposed for next year.

Yes, for next year, I want to actually produce something! Have been looking for aubergines that might do well in Blighty. Diamond is meant to be used to Ukrainian summers. So I’ve stumbled across this possible candidate amongst some other candidates. I intend to sew at least one or two of each of these alongside the astia that has so far done very well so far.

Proposed types:

Diamond, Dancer, Stiato di Napoli, tondo di Piacenza and astia Aim: to germinate and propagate an aubergine plant in turn producing a crop.

Hypothesis: aurbergine plant can be germinated and propagated to produce at least one aubergine during or after the growing season.

Initial germinate and propagation: Window sill or four tiered greenhouse (to be decided at a later date)

Shall see how these take off. So watch this space.

Out of the blocks

All the runners and riders were sown just over a week ago. Are on a warm window sill at the moment, and will be transferred to a heated propogator once it has been emptied of chillies and tomatos.

Have made some progress. They didn't really like being transplanted very much.